August 29

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If you have not been paying close attention to the financial sector, you may have missed implementation of new technology designed to improve the speed and security of transmitting financial information. This new technology is called quantum computing. Major players like Citibank and JP Morgan Chase have already begun implementing quantum computing into their financial management systems. Some experts predict that it may replace blockchain technology is which still relatively new itself.

Partly driving the use of Quantum computing in banking is the goal to achieve a less fallible system and potentially provide the user or customer a better experience by being able to present more relevant offers for funding. Quantum money is considered to be the scientific alternative to cryptocurrencies. Although crypto and Quantum money are similar, quantum money applies quantum bits or quibits that in laymans terms makes it more reliable and forgery resistent.

It may be no surprise that the Chinese are already ahead of the world in implementing a quantum financial system as it would not then rely or would otherwise replace the central banking system. The Chinese have already tested sending and receiving quantum signaling to satellites. We can not and do NOT offer accounting, investment, legal, nor financial advice but we can tell you we are studying this technology very closely, as it is already changing the financial marketplace. We believe there will be more and more announcements about Quantum banking in the next 12 months and we want to be prepared as it will undoubtedly change real estate financing also. Food for thought. Have you heard anything?


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