August 30

Watch and Win!


As we look around other sources for the latest real estate news, a few themes continue to stand apart from the rest. Some markets are doing well, most markets are softening, and many people are uncertain of how to react to both scenarios. They say youth is wasted on the young, but nobody lets a disaster go to waste. Well, some people say that or something like that. Essentially, we see a lot of people seeking desperately for some confidence in the direction of the marketplace. What can you do now in real estate? Plenty.

So good news and bad news. Right now there is little confidence in the market even where housing is still strong because we are in a transitional part of a market cycle change. Few people like change while even fewer embrace the change, but the only constant in life is change, so find your comfort zone and ride the wave. As it were. We can’t emphasize enough, that in times of uncertainty, it is often very helpful to become more educated on market cycles and what long-time pros do in response. You won’t see most savvy pros panic, but you will see them take action. What are they doing? Find out. There is an opportunity in every transaction, you may just need to reposition yourself to take advantage. Don’t panic.

When we don’t understand or are otherwise uncomfortable with a situation we can find ourselves feeling anxious and sometimes like panic. If we were talking to our families, we would likely tell them to resist the feeling of panic by becoming more informed. When you are more informed on a topic you are often less likely to panic. Its about knowing your options and then making a selection. Ask questions. Asking questions is doing something. Reviewing and comparing different answers to the same question is doing something. However, you need to take a position because the fence belongs to panic and panic never wins. What can you do now in real estate? Consider beginning with a search or questions of what other savvy pros are doing. What position are they taking in the market. While all markets are not the same, you may need to consider different actions in different markets, but good options are there for the taking. As an overall, if it were us, we would be looking to options that are financially supportive and sustainable for a few years like rentals or building rentals. There are plenty of options. You just need to research or ask more questions. Information is power and you can choose to be more powerful or panic. What will you do now?

We hope this helps. We can not and do NOT offer accounting ,tax, financial, investment, nor legal advice as we are providing news and opinions only.


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