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What is Bargain House Network about?

The Bargain House Network is a channel dedicated to real estate news, practical and entertaining programming involving real estate.   Programming is meant to be more realistic for the viewer. Shows are real estate themed in reality-show with instruction, drama, and comedy, with the primary program focused on the visual and verbal review of houses around the USA that either need work and/or are available at bargain price compared to other similar properties in the area.  Critique of the bargain homes is both instructive and entertaining, from the perspective of one or more real estate industry veterans.   Now showing or coming soon: Property Review Show, Clip Rips, Demo Derby TV, and Real Estate News. 

The Bargain House Network website is also a great resource as the central location of bargain homes, must-have electricians, plumbers, roofers, property managers, insurance, attorneys, and hedge fund contacts that focus on real estate activity for both real estate pros and bargain hunters. 


Besides the website, where can I watch your shows?

We are currently available on Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV Box, IOS, Android TV, and You Tube. We are expanding to other outlets in 2024.

Who owns the Network?

Bargain House Network is the creation of Adam Leffler, PhD but owned officially by Bargain House Network, LLC

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