August 28

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When someone is looking to buy or sell real property, of course, they have the right to do so on their own. We often felt that if there was a time when a Realtor was less needed for a seller it was during the go-go days we just exited. Yes, there is still cause for a good Realtor then, but if there was ever a time to use a good Realtor it would be now. As the market continues to evolve, a good and experienced Realtor will rely not only on their experience and their team’s experience, but they will ask the hard questions and could help you navigate the waters of an ever changing market.

If you are not engaged in a market as part of your daily routine AND you have not been through this type of market cycle before, then you could truly benefit from some professional guidance. In a recent interview with real estate legend Lou Brown, he shared that you can learn a lot from living through multiple market cycles, including but not limited to how to avoid panic and achieve profit even during seemingly perilous times. It is a good time to ask more questions about what is happening in your area with jobs and what if any mix of public vs private investment may continue in your community of interest.

A good Realtor remains current on the aforementioned and many other details that can influence a market. We also recommend getting more personally educated or mentored if you are considering doing more than just buying or selling your personal home. So, how do you tell if you have a good Realtor? That is a more in-depth question worthy of exploration. You may consider asking if he, she, or they have been through this type of market correction before and if not, has their team (brokerage leadership)? If not, it may help to keep interviewing. You may also want to ask how their strategy for helping you would differ from say 12 months ago. Listen for a clearly detailed and articulated explanation that defines an adjusted course of action to meet changes in the marketplace. While discount Realtor fees are nice, no matter what anyone says in our opinion, anyone being paid less will offer less. You can always and should always ask for a deal, we are just suggesting that you don’t solely focus on a discounted rate in these changing times. Just our opinion.

If you have a need to buy. sell, or move, we don’t suggest inaction. If it were us, we would simply take another closer look at those we are asking to help us execute. Are they qualified for the circumstances we are facing. A good Realtor can always be a good choice for your team. We can not and do NOT offer tax, accounting ,legal, financial, nor investment advice.


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