November 7

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In the latest installment of “The Big Question” series, Mortgage Professional America has gathered insights from industry experts on the exciting advancements in mortgage technology.

Jonathan Wilde, the CEO of JW Partner Solutions, emphasizes the importance of embracing technology to stay ahead in the industry. He believes that the key to success lies in constantly seeking out new and improved solutions that enhance efficiency and streamline workflows.

Wilde acknowledges that the mortgage industry experiences its fair share of ups and downs. During slower periods, he advises professionals to seize the opportunity to strengthen their partnerships with technology. By investing time and effort into research and analysis, they can identify the tools and strategies that will propel them to the next level of success.

Mario Lopez, the national account executive for non-QM loans at Champions Funding, emphasized the crucial role of accessible information in today’s challenging market. “Brokers need information at their fingertips,” he stated.

Lopez believes that a self-serve and user-friendly broker portal can be a game-changer. These portals offer access to guidelines, pricing, and underwriting support, making it easier for brokers to navigate the complex market.

Meanwhile, Zabrina Suero, the director of operations at Wemlo, sees technology as an enhancer rather than a complicator. She stressed the importance of user-friendliness, especially for the diverse groups involved, including brokers, bars, and lenders.

Suero emphasized the need to consider the audience and not overcomplicate things. “What do they need it for? We think about that, especially for women. How can our technology make their process easier? We want everyone to feel like the technology is working for them.”

Technology should play the role of an enabler, rather than a burden, when it comes to the process of purchasing or refinancing a home. Suero further highlighted the significance of having technology that is not only mobile-friendly but also compliant, ensuring the safeguarding of both brands’ and buyers’ valuable information.

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