November 8

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Great news for potential homebuyers and refinancers! The latest data from the Mortgage Bankers Association shows a modest increase of 2.5% in mortgage applications for the week ending November 3. This marks a slight rebound in borrower activity following the largest single-week decline in mortgage rates since July 2022.

Both refinancing and home purchase applications saw an upswing, with the purchase index rising by 3% on a seasonally adjusted basis and the refinance index improving by 2% from the previous week. Joel Kan, MBA’s deputy chief economist, attributed this increase to the significant drop in mortgage rates.

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Kan, the expert in the field, revealed an exciting development in the housing market. The 30-year fixed mortgage rate has experienced a significant drop of 25 basis points, reaching an impressive 7.61%. This remarkable decline marks the largest single-week decrease since July 2022. Kan attributes this positive shift to a combination of influential factors, including the latest Treasury issuance update, a reassuringly dovish stance from the Federal Reserve, and indications of a slowing job market.

However, despite this encouraging news, a closer examination of the year-over-year comparison reveals a more contrasting picture. Purchase applications are trailing behind by a substantial 20% when compared to the same week in the previous year. This suggests that potential homebuyers are still exhibiting hesitancy, as they eagerly await more inventory to become available in the market. Kan astutely points out that this hesitancy is likely due to the anticipation of a greater selection of homes to choose from.

In summary, the mortgage rate drop is undoubtedly a positive development, reflecting the impact of various influential factors. Nevertheless, the year-over-year comparison highlights the ongoing hesitancy among potential homebuyers, who are patiently waiting for a surge in available inventory.

In the realm of mortgage options, there was a slight increase of two basis points in the refinance share of activity, reaching a commendable 31.4%. On the other hand, the share of adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) took a small step back, settling at 9.8%.

Interestingly, the percentages of government loans from the FHA and the USDA remained steady, with no changes observed. However, there was a noteworthy uptick in the VA share, which now stands at 10.5% of total applications.

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