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The pandemic has brought about significant changes in our lifestyle and the way we engage with our homes. If there is one thing that has endured from that period in social history, it is the longing for a cozy and inviting environment where life can unfold naturally (and the occasional reluctance to wear proper pants outside the confines of our homes—although that statement is partly in jest). As a matter of fact, numerous trends that have persisted revolve around this prioritization of comfort, with the cottagecore aesthetic being at the forefront.

Cottagecore style, at its core, represents a contemporary interpretation of rustic charm, prioritizing a relaxed and comfortable way of living. Similar to other modern design movements, it originated and gained traction through social media platforms (Instagram alone boasts an impressive 4 million hashtag mentions of this trend). Its popularity was solidified through influencer snapshots featuring sepia-toned imagery, as well as Taylor Swift’s albums that exuded the comforting ambiance of a cozy cardigan. However, in practice, the cottagecore aesthetic extends far beyond the realm of technology, emphasizing simplicity, ease, and a nostalgic appreciation for the unhurried and uncomplicated lifestyle that can only be found in the countryside.

If you find yourself fatigued by any design trend remotely associated with a farmhouse or farmhouse-adjacent aesthetic, there are still elements of cottagecore decor that may appeal to you. The essence lies in appreciating the beauty and simplicity of everyday life, with a focus on cherished wooden furniture, botanical patterns, textured fabrics, and unique pieces that possess a timeless quality. The key to embracing the cottagecore vibe, or any decor vibe for that matter, is to avoid making your decor overly themed. A few carefully chosen elements in each space are sufficient to authentically and timelessly embrace the trend. Going overboard may result in your home resembling the set of a Hallmark movie, where the protagonist inherits a Christmas tree farm in a small town and discovers the capacity to love once more—you understand what we mean.

If you are seeking to fully embrace the cottagecore aesthetic—or simply wish to incorporate some of its essence into a cozy autumn update—we have compiled straightforward suggestions to guide you in capturing this trendy vibe.

Designing with the well-being of individuals in consideration

The cottagecore aesthetic perfectly exemplifies the successful fusion of design and functionality. It embraces a practical approach, eliminating any wasted space or overly ornate finishes, and instead focuses on utilizing every nook and cranny to enhance the lives of its inhabitants. If you wish to incorporate the cottagecore design into your own home, begin by evaluating your space to ensure it is both comfortable and functional. Are there any rooms, like a piano room, that you rarely use because they feel too formal? Or perhaps there are certain pieces of furniture that make you cringe whenever your dogs come near them? Reconsider these “stuffy” elements through the lens of the relaxed and charming cottagecore aesthetic.

Embrace the pursuit.

Achieving a fully realized cottagecore home is a process that requires time and patience. It cannot be accomplished by simply adding items to your online shopping cart. Instead, it involves embracing the concept of slow decorating and relishing in the search for the perfect pieces that will bring your room to life. Cottagecore is all about appreciating imperfections and the charm of items that have a history before they came into your possession. Vintage discoveries and a cottagecore design style complement each other perfectly, so be sure to keep an eye out for hidden treasures at flea markets and online marketplaces like Facebook. Rest assured, the effort you put into the hunt will be well worth it in the end.

Create space for leisure activities.

Cottagecore encompasses more than just a design philosophy; it encompasses a way of life. Adopting a slower pace and dedicating time to your hobbies and interests are fundamental aspects of fully embracing the cottagecore lifestyle. And it all begins within the confines of your own home. Whether it’s a quaint shed in your backyard or a cozy sunroom, create a space where you can indulge in activities that bring you joy, such as painting, pottery, or reading. If you have a penchant for collectibles, you’re in luck. A plethora of vintage kettles or a curated collection of hand-thrown ceramic vases will find their rightful place in a cottagecore home.

Maintain the Palette with Inspiration from Nature.

When it comes to creating a cottagecore-inspired dwelling, there’s no need to search beyond your own backyard for inspiration on color palettes. This aesthetic draws heavily from nature, so warm neutrals and soft greens should be your primary choices. However, this doesn’t mean that other colors can’t find their place in your home—you just have to be mindful of where and how you incorporate them. Vibrant marigold and umber can serve as energetic accent hues, while moody burgundy and brown provide a grounding and comforting presence in your space. If you’re unsure, opt for colors that can be described as “muddy,” possessing a slightly subdued and understated quality.
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