November 16

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The recent findings from a meeting of the Indiana Land Use Task Force revealed that almost 80% of households in Indiana are unable to afford housing due to rising prices.

Indiana has been experiencing significant population growth in the Midwest since 2011, but the construction of new housing has not been able to meet the demand. The Indiana Association of Realtors reports that the state currently requires over 30,000 additional housing units to address this shortage.

Mark Fisher, an official from the Indiana Association of Realtors, stated that the housing policy has failed to keep pace with the market’s growth and demand.

Over the past 13 years, Indiana has witnessed the addition of two jobs for every housing unit, as per Fisher.

Fisher highlighted the persistent issue of supply falling short and the mounting financing obstacles due to the increasing interest rates, which are compounding the affordability challenges. Meanwhile, there are those who are steadfastly doubling their efforts to tackle these pressing matters.

Fisher emphasized the ongoing problem of insufficient supply and the growing financial hurdles caused by rising interest rates, which are exacerbating the affordability challenges. Meanwhile, there are individuals who are unwaveringly intensifying their endeavors to address these urgent concerns.

Wadja expressed that with the establishment of such infrastructure, we can make efforts to reduce the cost. The availability of loans will be facilitated by HB 1005, which was approved during the previous session. This bill also emphasizes the development of rural areas by ensuring that at least 70 percent of the $75 million funding is allocated to communities with a population of less than 50,000.

Fisher highlighted the importance of empowering and enabling smaller communities to view housing as a means to attract and retain talent. This approach aims to create a housing strategy that aligns with their economic development strategy.

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