August 12

Watch and Win!


As we continue to move more and more into the digital era, most of us are becoming more familiar with digital currency or cryptocurrency. There are thousands of different crypto coins out there to be purchased, but very few are based on some type of asset or collateral. Good will is largely what backs Bitcoin, but because it was not only the first, but the most widely adopted, it has become a household name. Personally, I prefer the idea of something tangible tied to an asset. There are several prominent coins tied to real estate in some form or fashion and that trend, is only likely to keep growing.

We are not here to promote or speculate on any one cryptocurrency, but the fact remains that both blockchain technology and crypto are becoming a more common element of real estate transactions in the USA and around the globe. Although we can not and do not offer tax, accounting, legal, financial, nor investment advice of any kind, we can safely share that like any asset or investment , you should do some due diligence. Do some homework. Ask some questions. But be sure to ask. Don’t wait. Whether you may have considered this a fad or not, there are too many indicators pointing to a continual, growing, and long-lasting connection between crypto and real estate.

There are some crypto in existence we are told, that will allow you to tap equity in new and beneficial ways. There is an opportunity to own shares of a real estate asset you may not have been to own otherwise. And the list goes on. How many of us that grew up in the 70s and 80s wish we would have paid more attention to learning about computers? Well, you are not going to need to wait long to wish you started learning more about how crypto can legally be used to buy, sell, trade, and in other ways empower you as a real estate operator and enthusiast. We will have one or more experts on to address this in an upcoming episode of the Bargain House Network. Stay tuned!


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