August 12

Watch and Win!


Ken Griffin makes a lot of money and is one of the wealthiest property owners in the USA, so many real estate experts pay attention when someone like that makes a substantial investment. Just announced is a multi-property purchase and intent to develop in south Florida by Ken Griffin and Citadel. With a new Citadel HQ planned to undergo construction soon and Ken supposedly building a 44,000 sq ft home for his mom in the area. Wow! Good to be mom. Good to be Ken. Good to keep your eyes peeled on the optimism growing in the Florida real estate market even amid concerns of a larger national slow down in real estate new home construction starts. This kind of move reveals that there is not only interest in making moves in real estate now, but that this kind of activity will come with trickle down needs for more jobs and more housing. Forget rumors and watch the facts. Florida has been a high interest place for real estate for some time, but it too, has had its share of slowing over the years. That doesn’t appear to be the case right now. Happy deal hunting!


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