November 3

Watch and Win!


At the annual convention of the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME), CEO Katie Sweeney spoke to a group of resilient individuals who have weathered the storm of the past six years. Despite the challenges faced by AIME and the industry as a whole, Sweeney acknowledged the strength and perseverance of those in attendance. With the possibility of a 50% reduction in loan originators by year’s end, Sweeney emphasized the need for adaptation and flexibility in a market that has grown accustomed to stability.

The era of easily attainable refinancing opportunities has come to an end, according to Sweeney. She emphasized that many individuals who entered the market were unaware of the fluctuations and unpredictability that come with market cycles. However, she acknowledged that those in attendance at the FUSE conference were well-informed and prepared for this inevitable shift.

Sweeney confidently stated that the wholesale channel is the only one that has continued to thrive, with a significant increase of 35,000 originators since January of the previous year. She credited the attendees for their role in attracting and educating these individuals about the advantages of the broker channel. Their dedication to growth and perseverance in navigating the current market conditions was evident through their presence at the conference.

Sweeney recognized the attendees’ commitment to not only surviving the current market challenges but also thriving in the long run. She emphasized that their participation in the conference symbolized their desire to succeed and their understanding of the strategies required to achieve victory. By being present, they demonstrated their determination to excel and their willingness to learn from a team that will support their growth for years to come.

Navigating through the current market downturn is no easy feat, but it’s a necessary challenge to overcome in order to succeed in the industry. According to Sweeney, it’s like going to the gym – there are no shortcuts to getting stronger and better. It may be painful, but it’s effective. People may try to find alternative ways to get in shape, but they always come back to the gym because it works. Similarly, in this market, we have to hustle and approach things with a champion’s mindset. It’s not for the faint of heart, but with hard work and determination, we can come out on top.

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