September 27

Watch and Win!


After nearly 30 years in real estate and countless people asking for advice on how to turnaround a deal going sideways, a few of us at the Bargain House Network have decided to see what we can do to help. Beginning in October, we will air a show where YOU, yes YOU, can call in and talk to a long-time successful real estate professional who has had his or her her share of opportunities to stare down the trouble of a deal going sideways and live to profit anyway. If you have a deal that you are thinking twice about, and would like some free advice for what a PRO may do, email us at and in the subject line write “Save My Deal”. In the body of the email give us a brief overview of your situation and how we can reach you. We cannot guarantee that your situation will be aired on tv, and all content provided or developed between the host and yourself become sole property of the host, you keep your deal, we keep the sole rights to “what happened in helping you.” Be aware that any submission will not be compensated whether it is aired or not. The Bargain House Network and its owners do not provide any tax, accounting ,financial, legal, nor investment advice so what the host(s) share with you is their opinion only. hope it helps! Should be fun.


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