December 5

Watch and Win!


Justin Fox, the broker/owner of Re/Max Professionals in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, recalls a harrowing experience while showing a home during the summer of 2011. Accompanying him were a mother from out of town and her two young daughters, both under the age of six. The first two showings proceeded without incident, but as they made their way to the third property, they encountered a formidable wall cloud on the road.

For those unfamiliar with wall clouds, they are towering formations of dark and ominous-looking clouds, often associated with severe weather. While Justin was accustomed to seeing them, his buyer, who claimed to be a weather watcher, became increasingly alarmed. She started panicking, warning of the potential danger and predicting a tornado. This, in turn, caused the two young girls to become terrified, resulting in screams and tears. Their distress was so intense that they inadvertently caused damage to the leather seat of Justin’s car.

Despite his best efforts to calm them down, the situation worsened as torrential rain and thunder joined the chaos. The children’s screams only grew louder. Thankfully, within ten minutes, they reached the next house. Justin swiftly parked his car in the garage to shield it from the hail, and they sought refuge in the basement for approximately 25 minutes until the weather subsided. Once the storm had passed, they resumed their showings as if nothing had occurred.

This unforgettable experience serves as a testament to the unpredictable nature of weather and the challenges that real estate professionals may face while showcasing homes.

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