September 30

Watch and Win!


Rules and regulations continue to change in real estate because someone seems to point out the flaws in the system in a fantastic way. best practices, as we know them, is to give your earnest money deposit funds directly to a title company or real estate attorney. It used to be that Realtors would hold checks and that temptation now has at least one Massachusetts Realtor facing prison time. As initially reported by Fox News, A 39 year old man from Quincy, Massachusetts was sentenced to over 2 years in prison for illegally and unethically cashing client checks according to the original story.

We hate to see people succomb to temptation but it happens. A reminder to all of us, to forward money direct to sources whenever possible, in hopes of avoiding these troubling situations. We still believe that most agents are honest and do an amazing job serving their clients, but it is the few that make the news. We hope to share more in the days ahead about the many who do such a great job,. Tell us about a Realtor you know who has done a great job!


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