December 14

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Officials initiated construction on Friday for one of Menifee’s initial mixed-use developments.

The Boulders will be situated on the northeast intersection of Berea and Normandy Roads, directly across from Spirit Park. It encompasses a combination of commercial and residential spaces, including a three-story medical office building, an 8,250-square-foot day care facility with an outdoor play area, and a luxurious apartment complex consisting of 234 units.

“We are thrilled to cater to the families in this community,” expressed John Evans, who represents The Boulders. “Our aim is not only to provide healthcare services but also to offer a secure and healthy living environment.”

Mayor Bill Zimmerman, along with City Council members Dean Deines and Lesa Sobek, attended the ceremony held in front of the 10-acre plot. Construction crews utilized heavy machinery to break up large boulders in the background.

“All these types of projects contribute to the commerce and growth of our city,” stated Zimmerman. “We aspire to be a diverse community that offers a wide range of housing options and lifestyles. This development addresses one of those needs, as we strive to provide a variety of choices.”

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