August 23

Watch and Win!


After a significant recent round of tech company layoffs, more larger employers are working toward the same in recent poll results. It appears that after staring at major job openings across the country, that margin is going to now shrink in a big way. Uncertainty also has larger companies re-projecting anticipated revenues at a lower rate as companies try to brace for an anticipated recession. Big difference between a recession and depression, but many pundits are looking at massive allocated government spending that has yet to hit the market and more anticipated spending measures and it all spells more inflation, according to many economists.

We have long touted that watching job market movement is a key indicator for changes in the real estate market, so yes, this is important news to real estate operators. However, it helps to understand what it means. What it does NOT mean, is that it is all doom and gloom. What it DOES mean is that there needs to be a shift in the approach or strategy. Of course, holding on to cash is a prudent option, ahead of what will certainly be lowered prices and a possible opportunity to scoop up inventory at a discount. Yet, there are ways of being proactive that we believe are worth considering.

Markets shift. It’s a fact. Cycles come and go, but you notice people still make money. We continue to emphasize the importance of educating yourself on what methods work best in each type of market cycle. When others run, real estate sharks smell blood in the water, but that blood, is opportunity. We are likely to see more seller financing, seller participation, and push toward acquiring rental properties as we have said for over a year now. That does mean funding will likely become more scarce, but it is out there waiting for a good plan, a good team, and a good opportunity.

You will also note that not every area of the country will experience job loss in the same way at the same time. If it were us, we would research job trends and well funded development projects because jobs will likely remain abundant in those areas. Miami, FL and Huntsville, AL are two that come to mind right away. There are others. So, while you are more carefully preserving cash reserves, it may be worth some time to dial in the opportunities in your area of interest. For more insights that could help you, you might reach out to one of the gurus you will hear more about in September, when we officially launch the Bargain House Network on Roku, Amazon, Android TV, Apple, and others. We hope this helps, but we must remind everyone that we do NOT offer tax, accounting, financial, legal, nor investment advice, just news and opinion.


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