August 26

Watch and Win!


CEO of Anna K Intown/Keller Williams Intown, in an interview with Atlanta magazine reportedly said, a slow down in the market is relative. “I would describe it as ‘coming back down to earth.’ We’re coming off a market that didn’t make sense on paper, and we’re moving more toward a normal market. Nobody should be fearful of that.” She was referring to a change in the market after a two year boom for sellers. Houses are now remaining on the market longer, but it is not time to panic.

Buyers will begin to see some relief soon as sellers will need to adjust to a longer number of days on the market to achieve an acceptable contract. Hot markets are still hot. Not everywhere is slowing. But making a home buying decision should not be based solely on where interest rates are now or may be headed either. If the numbers make sense, then be prepared to act. It was not that long ago that people were buying homes at close to double digit interest rates.

Due to the job market and general positive migration of people to the area, the overall market in Atlanta is likely to remain stable or better in the near term. Interest rates are almost certain to rise but there a more mortgage products coming out to address the climb in rates. Be on the lookout for more seller financing emerging in slower areas. Paraphrasing Anna, the Atlanta market remains a good market to buy and hold real estate.

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