January 4

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Donald Trump’s reputation as a real estate mogul precedes his presidency. However, his current media coverage primarily revolves around politics, particularly the upcoming Iowa caucuses, where he holds a prominent position as the frontrunner for the Republican party.

Given the significance of Iowa in the political landscape, many are curious about whether Donald Trump possesses any real estate in the Hawkeye State. To put it simply, he does not. While Trump boasts an extensive and impressive real estate portfolio, his holdings are concentrated in New York and do not extend to Iowa.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that Trump does not own any properties in Colorado or Maine either. These two states have recently garnered attention for their attempts to exclude him from their primary ballots for the 2024 elections.

Are you familiar with the Iowa real estate market? Nareit’s REITs Across America reports that there are 60 real estate investment trusts (REITs) that own property in Iowa. Some notable REITs on this list include American Tower Corporation, Americold Realty Trust Inc., Gaming and Leisure Properties Inc., Lamar Advertising Company, Realty Income Corporation, and VICI Properties Inc.

Realty Income Corporation stands out as one of the most popular REITs in Iowa due to its monthly dividend and consistent dividend growth. Currently, it pays a monthly dividend of $0.2565, which adds up to approximately $3.08 per share annually. This translates to a favorable yield of around 5.3% at present. Moreover, Realty Income has increased its annual dividend every year since 1994 and is on track to achieve its 30th consecutive year of dividend growth by 2024, earning it the title of a dividend aristocrat.

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