October 30

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This decrease in the median mortgage payment is a positive development for homebuyers, as it indicates a slight relief in affordability. The Mortgage Bankers Association’s September Purchase Applications Payment Index (PAPI) shows that the median mortgage payment applied for by purchasers has dropped to $2,155, a small decrease from August’s $2,170. This suggests that the dynamics of mortgage payments in relation to income are changing in a favorable way.

However, it is important to note that higher interest rates and low housing inventory are still significant challenges for many potential buyers. These factors are keeping a large number of individuals out of the market, despite the slight improvement in affordability. Edward Seiler, the MBA’s associate vice president of housing economics, predicts that there may be a slight increase in loan originations and a potential easing of mortgage rates in 2024, which could further improve the situation for homebuyers.

Although the PAPI experienced a 0.7% dip in September, falling from 175 in August to 173.8, it is still 3.6 points below its record high set in May. This indicates that while there has been a slight decrease in affordability, it is still relatively better than it was earlier in the year.

It is interesting to observe that while mortgage payments have risen by 11% year-over-year, median earnings have also increased by 4.5% during the same period. This means that the PAPI has grown by 6.3% annually, suggesting that the increase in mortgage payments is somewhat offset by the growth in earnings.

For those at the 25th percentile of mortgage applications, the national payment decreased slightly to $1,437 in September from $1,444 in August. This indicates that even at the lower end of the market, there has been a slight improvement in affordability.

Overall, while there are still challenges in the housing market, such as higher rates and low inventory, the slight relief in affordability indicated by the decrease in the median mortgage payment is good news for homebuyers. It suggests that there may be some positive changes in the dynamics of mortgage payments in relation to income.

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