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Why did the window go to therapy?

It couldn’t handle all the pane!

Fixing a broken window will depend on the extent of the damage. Here are some general steps you can take to address a broken window:

Small Crack or Chip:
Clean the Area:

Gently clean the cracked or chipped area with a glass cleaner to remove any debris or loose glass.
Apply Clear Nail Polish (for small cracks):

If the crack is small, you can apply clear nail polish to help prevent it from spreading. Allow it to dry completely.
Use a Glass Repair Kit:

You can find glass repair kits at hardware stores. These kits often include resin and other materials to fill and seal small cracks.
Larger Crack or Shattered Glass:
Safety First:

Wear gloves and safety goggles to protect yourself from sharp edges.
Remove Loose Glass:

Carefully remove any loose or broken glass using pliers or gloved hands. Be cautious to avoid cuts.
Clean the Area:

Clean the window frame thoroughly to remove any remaining glass shards and debris.
Measure for Replacement Glass:

Measure the dimensions of the opening to determine the size of the replacement glass needed.
Purchase Replacement Glass:

You can buy a replacement glass pane at a hardware store or have one cut to size at a glass shop.
Install the New Glass:

Carefully place the new glass into the frame. If your window has glazing, apply a thin layer of glazing compound to hold the glass in place.
Secure with Glazing Points:

Use glazing points to secure the glass in the frame. Press them gently into the wood to hold the glass in place.
Apply Glazing Compound:

Apply a thin layer of glazing compound around the edge of the glass. Smooth it with a putty knife for a neat finish.
Paint (if necessary):

If the window frame is painted, you may need to touch up the paint to match the rest of the window.
Temporary Fixes:
If you can’t replace the glass immediately, you can cover the broken window with a piece of cardboard or plywood, secured with duct tape. This is a temporary solution to keep out the elements.

Professional Help:
If you’re uncomfortable or unsure about handling a broken window, or if the damage is extensive, it’s best to consult with a professional window repair service websites like have professionals to help!
Remember, safety is the top priority when dealing with broken glass. If you are unsure or if the damage is severe, seek professional assistance to avoid injury and ensure a proper repair.


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