August 18

Watch and Win!


Since the beginning of 2022, the Dallas Ft Worth area of northern Texas has led the nation in commercial activity. Much as we have reported previously, the largest chunk of investor appetite in this commercial real estate space has been multi-family or rental properties. In the first six months, approximately $12,000,000,000 (That’s Billion) of apartment properties were purchased in north Texas. That figure is nearly double the next two closest major metro areas of similar activity in 2022 (Houston and Phoenix). In fact, apartment sales were at near record highs in the first part of the year. We believe this is more proof that there is high anticipation for significant increases in demand for rentals. This much money doesn’t normally move this fast unless there is significant money to be made (in our experience).

Nationwide, multifamily and industrial investments accounted for about 57% of the total commercial property investment so far in 2022. Although we can not and do NOT offer tax, accounting, legal, investment, nor financial advice, we are bullish on cash flowing rentals for the foreseeable future.


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