September 10

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How you approach selling a house in a fast selling market (Sellers market) is arguably different than when you are trying to sell during a slower moving market (Buyers market). What we have learned in roughly 30 years of real estate activity, is that staging and amenities provide more interest and value to buyers in a slower market. If it were us, we would try to stage the inside and outside.

Again, if it were us, we would stage the inside of the home with barely enough reminders of decor to tempt the thought process and tickle the senses. For example, in the kitchen, placing a simple soap dispenser and hand towel next to the sink can conjure memories or thoughts of what else would or could be in that same space. People will mentally (typically) fill in the missing blanks with what they expect to be there. If we wrote Toget_er for example, your mind will usually fill in the missing letter “h” in this example. Regarding staging, it is typically not meant to spend tons of money and recreate a vacation rental experience, but we suggest, that staging is about getting people to see “their things” in a space by leaving visual and other sensory clues. There are countless ideas on how to accomplish this inside and experts to guide you, but what about outside?

Staging the outside (in our opinion) is also important, especially if you are working with limited space. Appropriately sized and vibrant looking plants or something more substantial like a firepit, can be pleasing to the eye. Such outside staging ideas can help the potential buyer to envision themselves living in the house and that, is when a house becomes a HOME. That is also, when they mentally are likely to attach themselves to that real property and be more likely to write an offer.

We hope these brief tips help you or maybe encourage you to learn more so you can earn more. We can not and do NOT provide tax, accounting, financial, legal, nor investment advice.


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